Shop Solar Smarter

Serious about equipping your home with solar and energy storage? Avoid getting stuck with one contractor's offer or having to talk with a bunch of pushy sales people.


Don't Get Left Behind

Rates on the Rise

Owning 25 years of power is fundamentally cheaper than renting it. Be on the right side of history, your wallet will thank you.

N.E.M. 3 Looms

Current Net Energy Metering credits are better. Install now to grandfather into that before N.E.M. 3 becomes law.


Supply & Demand = when you really need that power, it costs more. A smart battery will combat that so you can live your life.

Give Yourself a Break

Uncle Sam will pay for 26% of your project with a hefty tax credit. If you owe taxes this year, here's your big break.


1.2 Million CA Homeowners Have Solar

Nearly 7 million to go in CA alone and while big solar companies bloat their costs, let customer service slip and make it harder for you to go solar, we believe there's a better way.

Wanna chat about putting a power plant on your home?


Save the surprises for your birthday. We believe it's better to know the real cost now than to see it go up during your project. Our design call ensures that you know what to expect.

There is a smarter way to pay for solar. We'll coach you on the benefits of Cash vs Low Rate loans so you can decide but you might be surprised by what you learn.

Big solar companies won't communicate with you very well and struggle to control quality. Avoid that hassle and stay in the know with us as your project manager from start to finish.

With PowerFi, your project is insured for 30 years. So, if the installer or manufacturer go under, you're still covered with no labor or material costs out of your pocket.