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Our client's projects come in all sizes.

Rooftop Solar

  • The most cost-effective way to go solar

  • Typically a 1-day install

  • Roof too old? We can help with that, too.

Screenshot 2022-09-08 4.41.23 PM.png

Raised Ground Mount

If your roof isn't an option for installing solar, consider a raised ground mount.

  • Fully engineered steel i-beam structure

  • Make the most of your space

  • Orient the system for maximum output

Raised ground mount 2_edited_edited.jpg

Traditional Ground Mount

A solar ground mount that follows the contour of your land can be a great option, too.

  • When your roof isn't an option

  • Engineered to fit your soil type and slope

  • Eligible for regular solar loans


Energy Storage

Beware of fake photo-shopped pictures of batteries at a mansion in Palo Alto. This is what a real install looks like, from our client in Rescue CA. In PG&E, you'll need a battery to:

  • Avoid Time-of-Use charges

  • Use more of your solar energy

  • Backup critical household electronics

SunVault Battery (1).jpg


Need a roof over your head with a 50 year warranty? Roof systems have come a LONG way and the timing could be perfect to get it done now.

  • Better financing when combined with solar

  • Asphalt, Tile, Metal and PVC (flat roofs)

  • Tear-off, dry rot & synthetic underlayment


Hearing from happy clients is like music to our ears. Wanna see if we'll groove? Let's talk and find out!

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