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Commercial Client Services

Project Representation

Like a Commercial Realtor, we represent you, discuss your goals, source competitive bids, compare financing and earn a fee if the project is completed.

Solar Feasibility

As our client, you'll receive valuable pre-engineering feasibility to determine the scope and viability of your solar project.

Project Management

Once contracts are signed, we continue to manage your project through engineering, procurement, construction and commissioning.

Focus on Your Core Business

Solar is an important initiative for your organization but it's not your core business. Leverage our expertise to evaluate your project, maximize your financial goals, and avoid time spent with sales reps, contractors or project management.


Whether you want to reduce your operating expenses or increase your NOI while helping your tenants get discounted electricity, we help you get what you want, easier.

Own a property in the CA market?

Let's connect to evaluate if solar can make a positive impact to your business or portfolio.

Review your roof or site for solar fit

Discuss how solar works

Learn about solar incentives

Plan potential next steps

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Thanks, we'll be in touch!

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