Why PowerFi Energy?

We level the playing field for you to get a customized PG&E solar and battery system quicker and easier. We match your solar project needs with the right equipment, financing and installer.


Plus, we manage your project from paperwork to permission-to-operate. Sit back and save.

How PowerFi Energy Works

Would it be crazy to spend weeks trying to compare solar bids with different designs, equipment, financing, prices and warranties? We think so and we're on a mission to help you avoid that mess.

Our services never cost you a dime. We're paid by the installer when the job is done so we advocate for you at every step.

We shop your plan to find the right local installers for the equipment, financing and warranties you need.

Ready to Get Started?

Our free design consultation pinpoints the right solar and battery plan for your home, budget and timeline.

We handle all the paperwork and shift into managing your project with the installer so you never lift a finger. 

Serious About Solar and Energy Storage?

Here's some things you should know and how we help solve them.

Avoid Surprises. Duh.

You're installing a power plant on your home. It's one of the largest upgrades you'll ever make and it takes a pro to design it right the first time.

Don't get fooled by a sloppy design or lowest bidder.


Count on our decade of experience to build an accurate design, set the right expectations, and help you avoid costly changes during your project.

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Piggy Bank

Keep Your Cash.

Lawyers, Surgeons and Solar aren't cheap... but hey neither are your utility rates. But should you be shelling out YOUR hard-earned cash for a system?

There may be a more savvy way.

We'll show you why, for most of our clients, using the bank is WAY smarter than your piggy bank. Let's look at a better way to pay for your project and get the most out of your solar tax credit.


Big Brands. Family Feel.

Having hundreds of clients with the major local installers means we have influence with them that can move your project along faster.

Work with us and you'll avoid being a number.

Let us drive your project with urgency and save yourself the headache of spending hours with corporate customer service.

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Beyond Warranties.

Per the US Department of Commerce, 96% of contractors go out of business before year 10. Let that sink in when you hear about their "25 Year Warranty".​

Don't get caught holding the bag.​

We have access to 30-year solar insurance that protects you from any labor or out of pocket costs if the installer or manufacturer goes under.


What Our Customers Say

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Curtis and his team were great. Made the process super easy from the design of our solar and batteries to getting a loan. Would definitely use his help again if we ever move!

Beth W., Riverside CA

How We Compare

With PowerFi Energy

  • Friendly, information-packed conversation.

  • Compare options with an unbiased expert.

  • Equipment, loan & installer options to find the right fit.

Without PowerFi Energy

  • Pushy sales people.

  • Limited transparency.

  • One take-it-or-leave-it option.

Want to talk or book a free Zoom call?

You don't have to turn your video on... we promise :) But it's much greener and easier to meet remotely than to drive all over NorCal for our clients. Anyway, let's talk!

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What it takes to go solar


That's the average number of days from signed contract to your utility signing off on your installed solar system with a "Permission To Operate" certificate.


Kilowatt-hours of battery capacity the typical solar home needs to run the entire home daily during the more expensive Time-of-Use periods, Monday thru Friday.


Is the typical interest rate for solar and battery financing with rates ranging from 3% all the way down to 0.49% depending on your credit and project details.

Project Milestones

Site Survey

~1 week

Now that your contracts are signed and turned in, we'll send a technician to your home to take pictures and measurements of your roof, electrical system and anything related to our install.

Design Planset

~2 weeks

After your site survey is completed, those photos and measurements are provided to the design team to create a CAD planset your building department requires for permitting.

Permit Approved

~2 to 4 weeks

Once your building department has approved the CAD design they will issue a permit and with that your project will be ready to schedule for installation.

Panel Swap?

~ 4 weeks

When the main service panel replacement is requested by you or required by code it's always done with a utility representative on site and is done weeks before the install of solar & battery equipment. Expect to be without power for several hours and once this work is complete and signed off by the utility your solar install is up next.


~2 to 4 days

Depending on the complexity of your project, crews will be on site for as little as 1 to 4 days installing all the components of your system.

Final Inspection

~1 week

An inspector from your building department will be scheduled to come review your install. With everything up to snuff, your project will pass.


~2 weeks

Proof of your passed final inspection will be provided to your utility for review. Once reviewed, your system will receive "Permission To Operate", your green light to activate your system. Now it's time to celebrate a job well done!

No one is an island. Because islands aren't human. But seriously, we're here to help along your solar journey.

Let's find out if we'd work well together by hearing exactly what you need and if we can't help, we'll be the first to tell you.